The Astral Colossus

Somewhere in the vastness of the Dark Forest, an Astral Colossus by the name of 0xd93C2A awakens. It feeds on silver, drawn from spacetime rips gifted by civilizations across the galaxy.

Growing larger by the hour, it climbs the leaderboard. No one knows where it came from, or why it is here. One thing is for sure: every contributing civilization will be remembered.


Create a new plugin and add the following code:

export { default } from ""




The smart contract written for this project has not been audited, use at your own risk.


Plugins are evaluated in the context of your game and can access all of your private information (including private key!). Plugins can dynamically load data, which can be switched out from under you!!! Use these plugins at your own risk.

You should not use any plugins that you haven't written yourself or by someone you trust completely. You or someone you trust should control the entire pipeline (such as imported dependencies) and should review plugins before you use them.